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Dormitory Accommodations

During the summer season (May through August) we offer the following accommodation choices:

Bartley Residence

image of Bartley Residence from the side

Bartley Residence is nestled along the McIntyre River and is divided into a series of 'houses'. The rooms in each of these houses are ideal for school and sports groups.  Additionally, a lovely park-like setting is situated behind the residences which is a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors or to socialize in a natural setting.

Avila Residence

image of Avila Residence from the side

Located right on campus, Avila is close to everything you need in the city while its picturesque surroundings allow you to feel like you're away from it all.  The facilities provide space for educational, cultural, recreational, health and service centred activities.  In addition, a large gymnasium and a chapel are also available to our guests.

This type of setting is perfect for picnics, barbeques, weddings, retreats and walks.

Prettie Residence

image of Prettie Residence

Prettie Residence is situated beside man-made Lake Tamblyn.  The rooms in each of these houses are ideal for school and sport groups. The ample green space surrounding Prettie Residence can be used for a variety of outdoor activities while enjoying the wonderful view of the lake, surrounding nature and wildlife.